Hillside Site

Once the initial work at Bailiff's Wall was complete, we needed more space for larger scale crops and fruit.  So we now rent a large plot at the top of the Town Council allotments at Hillside.  The views are magnificent, and it forms a fine contrast to the more sheltered conditions at Bailiff's Wall.

We started with the bold idea of creating a Forest Garden. A Forest Garden aims to replicate a young natural forest by growing food on many different layers in order to establish a fairly self sustaining, low maintenance and very productive garden.  But since then, two factors have counted against the idea: the exposure and soil structure of Hillside hampers the establishment of sheltering layers, and most members do not have the continual time and expertise for the full-time attention demanded by the early stages of forest gardening.

Nevertheless, Hillside is a lovely plot with lots of potential. It now needs a balance between the original planting of fruit trees and bushes and the ongoing cultivation of vegetables.  We are aiming for:

  • Better protection, maintenance and pruning of the fruit species

  • Improving soil quality and developing the vegetable beds

  • Encouraging biodiversity and companion planting with flowers and herbs




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