About us

The Association consists of about 20 members, with a small management committee including a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.  Our AGM is in February, before the growing season kicks in. We are a relatively informal, practical group so we prefer to discuss issues while we are working at the allotment sites. In Spring, Summer and Autumn we have weekly get-togethers at Bailiff's Wall, and a monthly session at Hillside. But individual members can of course put in whatever time they wish, when they wish. In Winter we gather to celebrate the winter solstice with good food and drink.

 bed  Jill on pump

We have two kinds of membership.  Full Members who really want to grow food and share the produce and a number of Associate Members who support our group in various ways but who do not wish to share in the produce and generally spend less time at the allotment. 


Community means sharing the load and sharing the spoils!

Sharing the work often means there is another pair of hands to help take care of a crop if someone is very busy or inexperienced.  A summer watering rota keeps the tunnel and raised beds happy over the holiday period. 

Sharing the produce is done in several ways. If it is a large crop such as potatoes then we divide it into equal proportions for our full members.  Other things such as runner beans and tomatoes are there for all members to harvest as needed - the problem is often that things are growing too fast to keep up with picking them! Some of us are ace cooks and jam and preserve makers, which creates a further delicious way of sharing out the plenty.


The Axbridge Community Allotment Association is a project of the Sustainable Axbridge Network
Creating a Bioregional Approach for a sustainable future 
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